Football Clubs

All club officials are struggling with massive amount of work daily. We know (by experience ourselves of working in a club) that to work with football you got to be very passionate about it to be able to catch up with everything that needs to be done on a daily & weekly basis.

That’s why we have developed our very own digital platform, a product to help club officials to become way more efficient and to leave the (what we call the Stone Age of working) and enter the future of doing business together with us at GSI Group.

We are also very much aware that football is also a business, the digital platform that we have developed is saving clubs massive amount of money since we are always able to follow the guidelines of FIFA and even offer a commission lower than anyone else at the market and at the same time be way more effective and precise in our services to our clients.

How We Do

GSI Group help clients with selling and loaning out players by matching together it’s buying clients through the digital platforms AI and matching system to simplify and increase the selling clients options and at the same time decrease our clients spending.

GSI Group also has the ability to help clients with buying players, both with open searches to find the perfect players according to player profile, stats and more.

We also have the opportunity to search for players directly to send us to negotiate with the club about its player or at least intermediate the right contact info for the buying client to negotiate with the counter club directly.

Today we have clients in countries such as England, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Australia and more.

If you’re interested in our services don’t hesitate to contact us on E-mail.

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